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Mini Honeycomb Chastity Cage

Mini Honeycomb Chastity Cage

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Discover the allure of our Sissy Male Mini Honeycomb Chastity Cage – a breathable BDSM Male Chastity Device that redefines pleasure and control.

This adult sex toy boasts a meticulously designed structure with a mini honeycomb pattern, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Delve into the details with our comprehensive sizing guide provided in the image below, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your desires.

In your shipping list, expect to find a complete package for an immersive experience – 1 cage, 4 penis rings, 1 lock with an additional matching lock pin, and a 5-code lock (please note that the code of the code lock is randomly selected).

The lightweight design, with a net weight of approximately 90g, ensures comfort during extended wear, while the innovative construction allows for optimal breathability. Embrace a new realm of intimate exploration with our Sissy Male Mini Honeycomb Chastity Cage– a sophisticated and thrilling addition to your adult toy collection.

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