The Coach: Chapter 2

Brandon felt his heart rate quicken as he walked up the driveway of Coach Davis' home, following his invitation that very afternoon to have dinner together. The sun had begun to set, painting the sky with shades of pink and orange, and casting shadows all over his front lawn. He noticed a wisp of smoke coming out from the chimney, a warm and cozy invitation.

The doorbell echoed inside the house, and Brandon waited nervously for an answer, his throat starting to feel dry. After several seconds that stretched into an eternity, Coach Jonathon Davis opened the door.

He looked even more impressive in person than he did on the football field. The dimmed sunset cast shadows at his muscular silhouette. His striking green eyes drilled into Brandon, causing his breath to catch and a shiver to snake down his spine. A warm smile touched Coach Davis' lips, easing Brandon's nerves, just enough.

"Welcome, Brandon. Thanks for coming." Coach Davis's voice was deep, rugged, and inviting as his gaze swept over Brandon hungrily from head to toe.

"Come on in," he said gently, as he stood aside and let Brandon into the house.

The atmosphere inside Coach Davis's home was rich, woody, and masculine. Brandon could smell the lingering aroma of a roaring fire, spicy and enticing. Coach Davis led him through the dim hallway and into the living room where a fire crackled merrily, filling the space with a warm, intimate glow.

"Please, have a seat," he gestured to the couch in front of the fire.

I settled down, trying to maintain as much composure as possible, my heart racing a mile a minute. He seemed taken aback by my timid demeanor, perhaps expecting boldness from the gawky freshman that he saw on campus.

"Did Tristan come with you?" he asked, breaking the silence. I shook my head unfortunately.

"Where is he?" I inquired, desperate to save our planned rendezvous to see if he'd changed his mind. Coach Davis gave me a knowing smile before answering, "Sorry, kid.

I didn't realize Tristan wasn't joining us. Anyway, let's skip that part tonight and see if we can't find another way to pass the time."

His gaze locked onto mine, his green eyes burning with desire that was as unexpected as it was enticing. I could feel my cheeks flush with blood as he took another sip of wine and leaned back in his chair.

Still seated on the leather couch, I desperately wanted to reach out and feel the warmth of his body, the taste of his lips upon mine.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw Coach Davis stand and walk over to the liquor cabinet. He poured two glasses of whiskey and handed one to me, gazing deeply into my eyes.

The aroma of the whiskey tickled my nostrils with a raw, animal appeal. I took a swig as we stared into each other's souls. It burned my throat and ignited a fire in my loins. The room seemed to spin as our bodies slowly drew closer, inexplicably drawn as if by a magnetic force.

Coach Davis' eyes never left mine as he lowered himself to the couch next to me. I could hardly breathe as I felt the warmth radiating off his body. His hand found mine, a gentle grip that felt like a promise of something more.

Then he leaned in, lips finding mine in an urgent, passionate kiss that sent fireworks through every inch of my being. My hands clung to him, exploring the muscles that rippled beneath his shirt as his tongue danced with mine. The taste of whiskey lingered on his lips, adding a devilish temptation to our fervent moment.

Our hands roamed over each other's bodies, exploring and demanding. I could feel the aching hardness of his cock pressing into my thigh with every thrust of his tongue. His grip tightened, pulling me even closer as we continued our soul-consuming kiss.

As if suddenly aware of our surroundings, Coach Davis broke the kiss, desire clouding his eyes. His large hand grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me towards a shadowed corner of the room. My heart raced as anticipation took over.

I could feel Coach Davis' breath on my neck, sending a shiver of excitement down my spine. He nipped at my earlobe and uttered, "I've been wanting to do this since the first day I saw you."

Gasping for air, I didn't know what to say. But that didn't seem to matter. With a quick tug, he pulled me towards him, claiming my mouth once more. My fingers clawed at his back, desperate for more.

I moaned into his mouth as he pushed me harder against the wall, my body trembling with the force of our kiss. Without warning, Coach Davis tore away from me, moving with predatory precision. He reached down, pressing his strong hands on my chest, dominating my weak frame without any effort. I whimpered from the sensation, dropping my hands helplessly to my sides.

"What are you doing? Stop," I cried, confused and scared.

Coach Davis smirked, his eyes burning with desire.

He slid down my body and trailed his lips along my neck, making me tremble with anticipation. I gasped as I felt his fingers expertly undoing my belt and pants, leaving my lower half bared for him to explore.

With a swift motion, he tugged my pants down to my thighs, pinning me against the wall. I could feel his breath against my throbbing cock, causing me to groan with need. His tongue darted out, swirling around the head of my shaft, teasing me beyond belief.

I shivered and moaned, trying to shove myself further into his mouth. Coach Davis chuckled, his breath warm against my sensitive skin, before deep-throating me in one swift, skilled motion. There was a slight pain, but it was swept away by intense pleasure surging through my core. My legs shook from the sheer force of sensation ripping through me.

Coach Davis gripped my hips, pulling me deeper into his mouth, his tongue swirling around my cock to create a shockwave of euphoria that left me breathless.

"Fuck," I gasped, my head pressed against the wall behind me. My fingers delved into his dark hair, feeling the strands against my skin. My body instinctively arched into him, seeking more of that wicked, sinful pleasure.

Coach Davis relentlessly teased and caressed every inch of my erection, his saliva acting as a lubricant that helped him glide effortlessly up and down. He sucked me in deeper, hollowing his cheeks, creating an indescribable sensation that had me teetering on the edge of orgasm.

I murmured his name, breathy and broken, struggling to hold back.

With a wet slurp, he pulled back, the draft of cold air making me shiver. A sly smirk played at Coach Davis' lips before his tongue swiped up the length of my cock. I was a trembling mess beneath his sensual assault, unable to control the sounds spilling from my throat.

Coach Davis' grip tightened on my hips, and in one swift movement, my back hit the plush rug beneath us.

He wasted no time, placing his body between my trembling legs and thrusting his wet, hard cock deep into me.

The pain of entry was fleeting, quickly replaced by the sensation of fullness as Coach Davis' muscular body pinned me down. He claimed my lips with a passionate kiss, stealing my breath while his hips started to pump against me.

I moaned into his mouth, the sound muffled by his lips as he continued to fuck me deeply.

My mind reeled from the intensity of it all, my body going limp beneath him.

Coach Davis snaked a hand between us, wrapping it around my aching cock. He began to stroke me in time with his thrusts, the heat and friction building up inside me.

"Fuck, Brandon. You feel so fucking good," he groaned between kisses, his voice needy and demanding. I could only nod in response, unable to string words together as pleasure consumed me.

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