Mastering Chastity Play: A Guide to Proper Chastity Cage Measurement

Chastity cage measuring guide

We offer a wide range of cock cages in different designs, materials, and sizes. Some chastity cages come with multiple back ring sizes, allowing you to experiment and find the best fit for you. Plastic cages are generally lighter but may be less durable than metal ones. The choice of cage ultimately depends on your preference or your keyholder's desires. The goal of this guide is to ensure your comfort while being securely locked for as long as you or your keyholder desire.

Before we proceed with measuring, let's understand the components of a ball trap cage. All our cages use a ball trap system, which holds your testicles between the back ring and the cage to keep it securely in place.

Now, let's discuss the four essential measurements you need to take:

  1. Back ring - Internal diameter (inside width)
  2. Cage length - Length of your flaccid penis
  3. Internal cage diameter - Relates to your penis girth
  4. Ball trap gap - Gap between the cage and back ring

Measuring the Back Ring:

Choosing the correct ring size is crucial to avoid potential issues such as restricted blood flow or difficulty urinating. A ring that is too small can cause these problems, while a ring that is too big will be less secure and may cause friction burns.

To measure your back ring size accurately, you will need the following items:

  • A piece of thick string or cotton piping cord (at least 30cm / 12 inches long). Ensure it is not stretchy, rounded, and ideally similar in thickness to the back ring you plan to purchase. A lighter color like white is recommended for easy marking.
  • A black marker pen with a fine tip.
  • A flat 30cm / 12 inch ruler.

Start by placing one end of the string or cord on the top of your penis and wrap it around and under your testicles until it meets at the top again. Loosely knot the string at the meeting point, ensuring it is not too tight or loose. You should be able to fit your little finger under the string with some tension. Keep the knot in place for five minutes, checking for any discoloration or discomfort. If there are no issues, proceed to the next step.

Once you are completely flaccid, tighten the knot on the string. Try to forget about it and carry on with your day. If you experience any discomfort or if the string cuts off blood flow, carefully release the knot or adjust its length. You can tighten the string slightly if it starts to slide down but do so gradually.

After the set time, if the string feels comfortable, mark the material at the edge of the knot using a marker. You can then cut the string at the marked point or untie it if possible.

Place the length of string or cord against a ruler to measure the ring circumference. 

You now have the exact measurement you need to choose the right chastity cage and begin your sexual fantasy!