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With our Deluxe Extreme Chastity Cage and Accessories, your nights of simple restraint are coming to their end, this quality brushed steel chastity cage can do more than any cage you have used before. The ecstatic frustration of being unable to touch and fully use your penis is amplified with the attachable accessories of the Deluxe Extreme Chastity Cage. Use the ball restrainer for a secure fit and another level of discomfort making every move a reminder of your precarious situation. Do you want more? Add the detachable anal hook to keep everything stretched and tight in place for an even more controlled situation. If you need to really push someone or be pushed to the edge you can turn the Deluxe Extreme Chastity Device into a fully-fledged CBT device with the urethral plug accessories and become the true master of your partner dick. Each accessory can be used alone or in combination with the others for a truly unique device to suit your needs. Measurements: Cage: 4.25 inches in total length, 1.5 inches in diameter, and 5 inches in circumference; Sound: 2.75 inches in total length, 0.23 inches (5.8 mm) insertable diameter; Ring: 2 inches in diameter; Anal ball: 1.75 inches in diameter.

The Deluxe Extreme Chastity Cage with Accessories

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